An introduction into the beautiful world of painting with water colours and oil paint.


This site is designed as a first step introduction to the pleasures of painting. Of course anybody who is interested in art can read it and I would be grateful for comments, critics or any suggestions. It includes sections of different styles of painting and gives you a look at some of the equipment you will need.


In painting techniques, we have covered oil painting, watercolour painting and acrylic painting. I have added a bit of the history to each and a general outlook. The materials I have written about are brushes, paints and, paper. The last section is devoted to different tips and tricks that could be helpful when you start off and a look at the wet on wet technique.


This site is intended as stepping stone, it is not meant to teach you how to paint like Thomas Gainsborough (one of my favourites!) but to show you the first steps, so that one day maybe you can paint like he did.


Moreover I would be absolutely thrilled if more people took up the wonderful hobby of painting. There are few hobbies quite as thrilling as using your own imagination to creative a stunning picture or copy natures animals and\or landscapes. There are seldom time limits to obey and you can do it practically anywhere, from at home, at sea or on a mountain. Most important, no one can tell you what to paint, it’s all up to you.


Compared to a lot of other hobbies it’s quite cheap too. When you finish a painting, you have something to hold on to and show for your effort. It’s a bit like writing a letter

, E-mails are so much quicker and can cost less, but does it replace opening a letter from a loved one? Especially in the modern world taking a bit of time out and painting can be very relaxing, rewarding and fun.

Yours chris